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Our History

As a parent of a child with colic, I understand your feelings of desperation and helplessness when your child is suffering.

With the helpful advice of family and friends, I became an expert at rocking with a rhythm that soothed my baby and spared my family many sleepless nights (except for me as I was busy “rocking” away). As I longed for sleep, I began thinking of ways to imitate the motion mechanically. And the Cloud Swing was born! (And I was able to sleep again!)

An engineering partnership was formed to bring the Cloud Swing to it's present state. Our engineers have worked diligently to provide a safe, effective colic solution.

We hope Cloud Swing brings your family the same relief it has to us.

Michael Speedie, P.E.
Speeru, LLC

We've Come a Long Way

Cloud Swing has evolved into a smart, safe, and effective alternative to colic.

My Inspiration

My son, Jon, in the first Cloud Swing, invented from spare parts found in our home.

Can you believe my wife actually let me put our son in this? We're so happy she did!

Cloud Swing is Smart!

Cloud Swing's digital brain constantly monitors the speed of the swing and maintains an optimal gentle bounce, resulting in a peaceful, happy baby... GUARANTEED.


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